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AGA Liquidity Offer Bonus Referral Deal! : ico Aga Token AGA TOKEN a decentralized Bitcoin mining protocol AGA is a decentralized Bitcoin mining protocol that relies on AGA Token for its governance and AGAr Token for monthly rewards. I’m with AGA token. A bitcoin mining company thats been running since we ICO’d in July of 2020 we have 14 PH of power and earn 140k profit per month 2.8 mil circulating, 6 mil total supply 20 mil market capo we buy back our token AGA with proceeds, we invest in pre-sale companies like FRM, we invest in crypto’s, we spend on marketing. We do the leg work. People just own AGA add it with AGAr our rewards token and earn 24% APR on their LP. We just started our secondary offering yesterday. For Polygon. we are offering a 15% bonus for being part of it and holding the AGA you get for 60 days. We can give you a 5% commission on total amount raised from your discord and give your discord an extra 5% bonus paid immediately on March 30 when the offering ends. We provide you with a referral code to use when filling out the form to send USDT or USDC. Please let me know if you are interested and I can get you set up with a referral code.

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