Avast Secure Browser: Assuring your right to online privacy

Avast Secure Browser: Assuring your right to online privacy

With so many options for web browsers, each offering its own version of “private browsing”, picking the right one can be a real challenge. However, what most of them call “private browsing” isn’t actually all that private. Moreover, the majority of browsers require downloading countless other pieces of software, such as extensions or add-ons, to fully protect you, leaving you stuck doing even more research to find the right programs to protect your privacy and security. Avast Secure Browser is the solution that offers everything you need for a secure and private web browsing experience.

Smart Browsing: What is it and why is it so important?

When the internet was first imagined, no one could have guessed just how massive it would become, nor how dangerous. We dreamed of connecting people to share information and collaborate on new ideas. Instead, we have a wealth of personal data that is poorly protected by a disjointed series of patches against increasing breaches, exploits, and cyberattacks. That valuable, yet vulnerable, cache of information has become the currency of the internet. While your personal data can be, and is, used by companies to provide a more customized user experience, it also powers the internet’s business model – targeted advertising. As we become more aware of how far back our digital shadows reach, the ad-based model begins to feel archaic and invasive. This has understandably led to many people seeking ways to secure their data by securing their browsing.

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