Benchmark Protocol in DeFi : defi

Benchmark Protocol in DeFi : defi

Benchmark Protocol in DeFi : defi

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What’s Benchmark protocol?

  • It’s a defi protocol that rebases to be at parity with the SDR. (an international reserve instrument that consists of 5 fiats, namely; Yuan, USD, GBP, Yen and Euro).

  • The price of the SDR is pegged at $1.40

  • It has an elastic supply and a total circulating supply of 15,937,405.

  • Its rebasing function is governed by the CBOE Volatility Index

Where can it be purchased?

  • MARK tokens can be gotten from UNISWAP DEX

  • xMARK is available on Wanchain, Polygon, Solana, xDAI and Binance Smart Chain

Currently, DeFi users can provide liquidity on Uniswap, Balancer, Pancake Swap and on QuickSwap.

On UNISWAP and Balancer pools (80-20%) =

  • MARK-ETH pair

  • MARK-USDC pair

On QuickSwap =

On Pancake Swap =

In recent weeks, Benchmark Protocol has integrated the xMARK token into Wanchain, Solana, xDAI, Polygon and BSC in a bid to curb high transaction fees and also attract s on these platforms as it brings to them cutting edge defi solutions to lending protocols.

How is Benchmark Protocol Unique from other Rebasing tokens?

Benchmark (MARK) is pegged to 5 fiat currencies that make up the SDR, here giving it multi-currency stability over those pegged to a single currency as the others are faced with monetary policies which affect their tokenomics and the token. MARK can be staked to earn xMARK, which is used to gain more MARK tokens and can be used for governance purposes by simply holding the token and the process is conducted following an off-chain snapshot.

Also, the rebasing function for MARK is governed by the CBOE volatility index which creates randomised rebasing schedules that make it difficult for arbitrageurs to exploit other holders.

These give MARK token huge benefits above other rebasing tokens in the market.

Next deliverables

  • Benchmark market-place

  • CEX listing

TG: @benchmark_protocol

TW: @benchmark_defi

Medium: Benchmark Protocol

Web: Benchmark Protocol

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