Best PayPal Alternatives in 2021 : fintech

Best PayPal Alternatives in 2021 : fintech

PayPal is one of the best online payment platforms in the world market, where you just enter the email address and bank account to sign up with PayPal, then the platform allows you to transfer money in and out internationally.

I have a free PayPal account as a user for almost seven years and I love the business model because it is easy to use and set up. However, until recently, I started to search around other PayPal competitors and found out, there are other best merchant payment providers- alternatives to PayPal, which offer a cheaper rate and even free transfer for the first one or two times.

For a quick review, I list the best online payment platforms besides Paypal international.You should roll down to find the detailed functionality of each money transfer site.

1.TransferWise– Best for individuals and businesses to set up an international payment system.

2.Google Pay– Relatively quick and easy to use, especially for small businesses.

3.Shopify Payment– Best for businesses that operate E-commerce stores.

4.Remitly– Best for expats, individuals, and couples to send money internationally.

5.Binance Pay– Best for cryptocurrency payment.

6.Skrill– Similar almost to PayPal, but it offers a cheaper service fee.

7. Payoneer– Best for Individuals, Freelancers, and Businesses.

8.Square– Best for Professional Businesses, And Retail Businesses

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