Bindi Irwin opens up about becoming a parent without dad Steve: ‘It’s devastating’

Bindi Irwin opens up about becoming a parent without dad Steve: ‘It’s devastating’


Your Horoscope This Week: April 25, 2021

This week’s Pluto Retrograde begins on Tuesday April 27th EST at 26° and will end on October 26th at 24° Capricorn. This is a fairly long transit whose shadow period has already been in effect for some time. Pluto Retrogrades happen every year, lasting between five and seven months and, true to the themes Pluto represents, they encourage us to reflect on our own relationship to power. In this case, power is a manifold subject, one that invites conversations about death, debt, disease, and disability and what we strive to control in order to avoid the reality of those topics. Pluto is interested in our personal relationship to our mortality, but it’s also invested in the larger story of humanity, of viruses, of what dies and what comes from the decay. A full year after the Covid-19 pandemic swept the world, April endures the Taurean way — methodical, determined, and invested in showing up as the best and most authentic version of itself. Against self-betrayal and against self-compromise, the consistent credo of Taurus’s fixed values are buoyed by the force of the Scorpio full moon on April 26th. Perfecting at 7° Scorpio right before Pluto’s apparent retrograde, the Scorpio full moon reminds us that our fear of losing control is the only thing we have control over; change is inevitable and so we might as well make our changes count. This is a great week to reflect on the ways our understanding of attachment and resources has changed. Ask yourself how your expectations of your loved ones have changed since April 25th of last year. Do you feel yourself being more generous with the human mistakes of others? Or do you find yourself numbing out when your intimate circles mirror the carelessness you witness in the wider world? Reflect on what you need to feel secure in your resources and your relationships since that time last year. In what ways do you create space for what you need, and in what ways do you de-prioritize what you need? Who does it serve?Aries Sun & Aries RisingThis week opens with Mars making a flowing trine to the full moon in Scorpio. Your ruling planet under the stars of Cancer, your fellow cardinal sign, is as bold as it ever is, but it’s also bolstered by Cancer’s intuitive knack for knowing the right approach to a difficult situation. Of course, to use your intuition you’ve got to turn down the white noise machine that is daily life and daily disputes, and tune into the quiet of what you know to be true in your big beautiful heart. It’s easy enough to get sucked into other people’s drama — especially when it beats dealing with your own — but you don’t have time to wade through someone else’s muck. You’ve got a home to run and a heart to mend. Illustration by Stefhany LozanoTaurus Sun & Taurus RisingBy Monday, the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Uranus will all be under the stars of your sign and it’s not unlikely that you’ll be feeling the full effect of this stellium. A solar return is a potent time and the days around it are rich with self-reflection, especially for those sensitive to the moody full moon in Scorpio. Taurus, try your best to avoid being hard on yourself for decisions you’ve made in the past. Of course, it’s hard to go back on your own word, especially when it comes to promises you made to yourself. But, your famous loyalties should lie with the person you are in the present moment, not the person you imagined you’d be.Illustration by Stefhany LozanoGemini Sun & Gemini RisingWith the full moon in Scorpio in your house of maladies, it’s likely that you’ll be navigating some big feelings about your body and its capacity/capability this week. Some of us were raised to regard and respect our bodies, but most of us were taught to override what we feel in favor of what others want us to feel. This disjuncture between those two realities can hit heaviest in moments regarding sexual consent, but it can be felt in more mundane moments of self- betrayal as well, like being afraid to ask for a break or accommodation. Don’t let your past experiences keep you from advocating for yourself, and remember that sometimes saying something plainly is saying it best.Illustration by Stefhany LozanoCancer Sun & Cancer RisingWith Mars in your sign this week, you should expect to feel a boost of your already burgeoning superpowers, which are not so much new as they are re-imagined — a bigger better crab-shell, more adept to the environment you inhabit now. This week opens with a big, sumptuous full moon in Scorpio, which forms a flowing aspect to Mars. It’s just like Sappho (allegedly) declared: What cannot be said, will be wept. For any other sign such a sentence would be startling, but you know that crying, if it happens, is just a wave moving through, and already gone. Crying can be proof of pleasure just as much as it can be evidence of pain. When the big feelings come, ride them to shore, Cancer. You are more than in your element, you are leading the way.Illustration by Stefhany LozanoLeo Sun & Leo RisingWith the full moon in Scorpio opposing the Sun (and Uranus) in Taurus, it’s likely this week will bring up tensions between your commitments to the outer world and your sense of belonging and kinship. A stellium in Taurus is a great time to think about what your ambitions are and what purpose they serve in your life. How have you come by your aspirations? On your own, or through the projections of others? As Pluto retrogrades in your sixth house of service, reflect on the jobs you’ve left behind and bad habits you’ve kicked. Wasn’t there a driving force? You can tap into that force, that self-knowing, now. You don’t have to wait until the universe strong-arms you.Illustration by Stefhany LozanoVirgo Sun & Virgo RisingIt’s said that the 3rd house is the house of communications, rituals, roommates, and siblings. What these somewhat disparate topics have in common is the process of becoming known through daily exchanges. Traditionally, the moon finds joy in the 3rd house, so the full moon in Scorpio presiding over your 3d house is a joyful moon. Because Scorpio yearns to be known, because Scorpio is a sign that often feels misunderstood, the process of becoming known is both brilliant and anxiety-producing. Try to remember, dear Virgo, that sometimes stepping outside your official role enriches your relationship to it and to the people who support that role for you.Illustration by Stefhany LozanoLibra Sun & Libra RisingWith Mars in Cancer making a trine to the full moon in Scorpio, you can move forward knowing that your gut instincts are correct and the odds are in your favor. This is especially true when it comes to figuring out the relationship between your self-expression and your resources. This isn’t about working harder and putting the pressure on, however, although it might be tempting to go about things the old way. But scarcity models and self-sacrifice just don’t have the same pay-off that they used to. This week is about reevaluating what you need to feel secure enough to put yourself out there in a way that feels true to who you are now, knowing what you know.Illustration by Stefhany LozanoScorpio Sun & Scorpio RisingTaurus season can make a Scorpio feel like it’s time to give ye old relationships a shake and see what falls off the tree. But, underneath the instinct to clear what’s rotten is a drive to see more clearly what remains true. To reconnect with and venerate the connections that feel genuine. It’s a drive that Venus in Taurus revels in. But, with the full moon in Scorpio this week and Pluto’s retrograde in your house of communications, you might consider taking a beat and breather before you say something you hardly mean. Dedicate alone time to the kid inside you, be their best friend first. Spring will last for a while and not all the blooms have shown their true colors yet. Illustration by Stefhany LozanoSagittarius Sun & Sagittarius RisingA stellium in your 6th house this week might have you feeling less like a bull in the heather and more like a bull in a tightly packed corral. April is often a busy month, especially in the northern hemisphere, as businesses and institutions file their papers for the spring quarter. But an animal is always an animal, nose to the grindstone or not. While some of your tasks are non-negotiable, it would serve you to purposefully schedule time against business and toward spaceness. Not a “break from” but a dedication to daydreaming and roaming. Honor the part of you that knows you were not born to simply produce things for others. You are the only one who can do this for you.Illustration by Stefhany LozanoCapricorn Sun & Capricorn RisingWith Venus, in the company of the Sun and Mercury, continuing to preside over your 5th house of pleasure and self-expression this week, you’ll be feeling the lovelight if you haven’t already. This is a great time to share what you’ve been working on with the world. Don’t worry about things being rough around the edges or imperfect; knowing you, the unfinished offerings you bear are the gold standard by anybody else’s account. Besides, it’s a necessary truth that what we put out there isn’t for everyone — and that’s a good thing. Our people find us by signals and signs that we put up. Your offerings aren’t simply contributions, they’re invitations. Illustration by Stefhany LozanoAquarius Sun & Aquarius RisingFull moon feelings are necessarily complicated for a sign that rules the waves. Spring tides can bring on big waves of emotion and the Scorpio full moon is all too good at making those emotions take up the entirety of one’s days. There’s nothing wrong with wading into the deep, little star, but it can be brutal on the immune system to stay there. If the waves rise up over your head and you find yourself tired of treading water, consider what small things can tether your back to the land. Imagine daily tasks and routines like a rope that remind you that your emotions are potent, but not ever-lasting. In the mundane world, ordinary magic can be a remedy if you reach for it.Illustration by Stefhany LozanoPisces Sun & Pisces RisingWhile Sagittarius is often credited with being the traveller of the Zodiac, your association with Jupiter grants you a passport to other worlds all your own. What’s important to remember is the hierarchies these mythologies gloss over, the relationship between the tourist and the native, between gods and supplicants. Saturn found joy in your 12th house, relief from the pressures of time, but this week it makes a square to both the moon and all the planets lining up in Taurus — a reminder that there’s a world that demands your attention and haste. But, what’s widely known might not be enough to help you make necessary choices. Guidance is first and foremost internal, but overcoming your biases is no easy task; and yet, it is essential now.Illustration by Stefhany LozanoLike what you see? How about some more R29 goodness, right here?This Taurus Season Is Going To Be Really IntenseMercury Is In Taurus, So Take Things Really SlowMars In Cancer Is Bringing Out Our Inner Homebody

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