Bridge Oracle System : ico

Bridge Oracle System : ico

Smart contracts are going to change the world’s businesses by providing an infrastructure for creating Dapps (decentralized applications) and DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) in order to automate jobs based on blockchain technology. However, one should note that due to underlying consensus protocols, the blockchain on which smart contract is deployed and triggered, cannot access external data. In order to solve this problem, a kind of special technology was proposed which is called Oracle. Oracles inject information of the real world into the blockchains whenever needed. Without oracles, blockchains can be only used for tokenization purposes; however, by setting oracle technology on a blockchain, smart contracts can be programmed as required and perform as a decentralized autonomous organization. In this paper, Bridge project is presented as the first ever dedicated public oracle system on TRON network that is introduced to serve smart contracts which are deployed on TRON blockchain. At the end of the paper, roadmap of the project is declared which is consisted of adding various data sources, responses with various kind of proofs, developing decentralized oracle service which is an incentive-based system for reporting aggregating response to blockchain and providing possibilities for launching enterprise oracles on behalf of companies to sell dedicated data.

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