Need some help, I have a light in my house that uses 5 if these. Any smart bulbs with the smaller screw tip? Max is 60 watts for the light, I have an old house with no neutral wire so a switch won’t work. I am currently using wyze bulbs for the rest of the house.

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Control WiFi Smart Blinds in your Smart Home (Home Assistant, Homekit, Alexa, Google)

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Home Automations thermostat for your Freezer & Fridge using Smartthings & Alexa

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Project CHIP, Finally shipping end of year, which is nice but why is it taking so long. Let’s hope THREAD gets enabled on Google Home Hub before then? : smarthome

As for the wait, honestly I’m impressed with the apparent time line. Historically none of these…

41% off ecobee Home Security Solution, on Amazon today

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Smart home hub with lights and switches : smarthome

I am looking for a smart home kit, that is not extremely expensive and has (at…

Smart Home Interaction Study : smarthome

Hi everyone, I am an Undergraduate Research Assistant at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.…

Home Protection from Leaks & Water Damage

This is great except I have two of the samsung water detectors and I just replaced…

This Smart Home Isn’t Stupid [Snazzy Labs]

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Smart Home Tech Haul! + Unboxing

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