CorionX token use cases & benefits : ico

CorionX token use cases & benefits : ico

The CorionX is a utility token and stands for the use of stablecoins, CBDCs and OpenFinance cryptocurrencies. It brings different stablecoin and crpytocurrency projects, service providers and community members together, introducing them to the world and supports the building of a stablecoin user community. CorionX creates the framework for education, expansion and promotion for usage and payment with different stablecoins globally. CorionX leads the Stablecoin Movement to succeed in the paradigm shift and using stable crypto in the everyday life. CorionX act as the “gas” for stablecoins adoption. CorionX is not a stablecoin itself, but has many benefits and incentives in usage and popularization of stablecoins. Learn, Buy, Use , Stake.CorionX is an ERC20, Ethereum based utility token .The utilities listed below are available right now or are planned to be available at the time of the Initial Exchange Offering and/or exchange listing. Please notethe usage of the utilities heavily depends on the business development possibilities, regulation changing, 3rd parties, market situations and scheduling.

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