Elevating Womxn in Fintech : fintech

Elevating Womxn in Fintech : fintech

Join us for a fire side chat about Womxn in Fintech.

This International Women’s Day, a virtual panel discussion celebrating the achievements of womxn in finance and technology will be sharing stories of how they overcame challenges to excel in their field and the ways everyone can support creating inclusive spaces in what has been a traditionally male-dominated sector.

Elevating Womxn in Fintech : fintech

IWD Webinar Info

Tune in for a discussion on:

  1. The challenges womxn face on the path to leadership

  2. How fintechs can promote an internal culture that empowers womxn

  3. How organizations and individuals can challenge bias

Register here to join us on March 8th: https://info.versapay.com/iwd21

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