$EVA |EVANESCO, A WEB3 GRANTEE & AU21 backed project : ico

$EVA |EVANESCO, A WEB3 GRANTEE & AU21 backed project : ico

What is Evanesco?

Video Introduction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TG_oW_xb-8M

EVANESCO is a financial protocol platform that combines Layer0 network infrastructure and privacy computing framework. And as we all know, the blockchain market is easily affected by on-chain information, Evanesco provides reliable transactions and account privacy at the same time.

Important Milestones as of late

The privacy protocol client in rust version has been submitted to Web 3, their testnet is currently undergoing. The mainnet will supposedly be launched in Q3 this year.

The year 2021 will serve as a focal point for the testnet & the mainnet launch, and also EVA is engaged in empowering the multi-ecosystem defi & NFT market with privacy features. EVA will be publicly listed on gateio & MXC, and will be publicly listed on more exchanges in the foreseeable future.

$EVA |EVANESCO, A WEB3 GRANTEE & AU21 backed project : ico

Distinguishing features

Evanesco consists of the Layer0 Private Network, a Two-layer consensus system, and Smart privacy transaction engine. Which is basically one of the main features that distinguish us from the pact.

Layer0 Private Network: EVA has an open/private P2P network composed of miners, providing private communication services while mining, maximizing the community and security of the network.nThe Two-layer consensus called GPoW is composed of PoW miners and PoS verifiers to eliminate potential centralization risks to achieve a fairer and more trustworthy vision of building the next generation of financial ecology.

Smart privacy transaction engine: Evanesco provides varied decentralized privacy transaction groups for different tokens and NFT assets. The standard external interfaces feature superb scalability for the easy expansion of financial ecology, we called it PEX(private exchange) service. Evenasco’s privacy protection is the whole process, from the bottom layer of a peer-to-peer network to the blockchain ledger layer, and then to the application layer, such as wallets, exchanges, and defi/NFT transactions, etc., and all of these can obtain privacy liquidity through our privacy protocol technology.

To find out more about Evanesco,

Medium: https://evanesco-networks.medium.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/evanescoio

Telegram: https://t.me/EvanescoIO

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