Gods Unchained – Play To Earn Is Here. Earn $20 in ETH! : ico

Gods Unchained – Play To Earn Is Here. Earn  in ETH! : ico

Immutable and Fuel Games, the creators of Gods Unchained, have created a trading card game that pays to play! Earn $20 in ETH for simply trying the game, as well as $5 in ETH for every referral.

Most gamers are familiar with the term Pay To Win or P2W. The Gods Unchained creators have revolutionised how we can now play games, gamers are now able to have fun as well as being able to Play To Earn or P2E.

Unlike other free-to-play games, Gods Unchained gives the player complete ownership over their in-game items. Game items are tradable as NFTs to other players in exchange for ETH; follow the steps below and get playing!

Step by step guide

  1. Create an account at Gods Unchained

  2. Verify your email address

  3. Create an account at Coinbase

  4. Link a wallet to your Gods Unchained account. MetaMask is perfect for this

  5. Subscribe to the Gods Unchained mailing list

  6. Play a ranked game with a Custom Deck

  7. Build a custom deck in the workshop

  8. Play 1 ranked game on 5 different days

  9. Win 7 ranked games

Every step to be completed is trackable within the Gods Unchained in-game interface, you can also track the progress of every referral from within your personal referral page.

After completing the required steps, be sure to invite your friends and family in order to earn $5 in ETH for every referral.

For more details on how to claim you can visit the link below:

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