I did some digging on the Safemoon subreddit : CryptoCurrency

I did some digging on the Safemoon subreddit : CryptoCurrency

First off, based on some allegations like this and this, I made a post on r/SafeMoon for some clarity on this. My post was removed in a couple of minutes. I asked the mods for a reason and got no response.

So naturally, I thought I might have broken a rule. I checked the rules and saw that there was one rule in particular which stood out. Which loosely translated, IMO, means “only say good stuff about this coin here”. Red flag.

That made sense as to why the subreddit is always getting posts from a lot of people glorifying it.

Or were they actually people? (cue Vsauce theme)

I checked the newest posts for a while. I noticed a pattern in the usernames of the posts being made. Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to direct your attention to these users:















And many more. These are all accounts that have nothing but posts in the safemoon subreddit. The posts are either glorifying it or asking “How to buy more” questions. And here’s the real kicker: All the accounts have been made on or around the 2 month mark. Right when Safemoon became a thing.

Am I wrong about this? Possibly. But I urge you to check the new posts yourself. Every 3-4 posts or so, there is one post that meets the pattern. What does it all mean? Idk. Do I have money stored in this? Yes. Am I going to bail? No. Why the fuck not? Cause I willing to lose what I’ve put in and I like hoping I’m wrong.

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