Introducing Uniswap V3 : defi

Introducing Uniswap V3 : defi

Important information:

Launch Date: They are targeting an L1 Ethereum mainnet launch on May 5, with an L2 deployment on Optimism set to follow shortly after.

Major Features: Concentrated liquidity: giving individual LPs granular control over what price ranges their capital is allocated to. Individual positions are aggregated together into a single pool, forming one combined curve for users to trade against

Multiple fee tiers: , allowing LPs to be appropriately compensated for taking on varying degrees of risk

Other Features *LPs can provide liquidity with up to 4000x capital efficiency relative to Uniswap v2, earning higher returns on their capital

*Capital efficiency paves the way for low-slippage trade execution that can surpass both centralized exchanges and stablecoin-focused AMMs

*LPs can significantly increase their exposure to preferred assets and reduce their downside risk

*LPs can sell one asset for another by adding liquidity to a price range entirely above or below the market price, approximating a fee-earning limit order that executes along a smooth curve

A LOT more is included as well. On top of this, gas fees will be cheaper on v3 than on v2, and will be significantly cheaper on the L2 Optimism version.

Amazing news.

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