Investment learning hub : fintech

Investment learning hub : fintech

Hey r/fintech

We’re the team behind Archimedes, and we’re super excited to share with the community what we’ve been working on over the past year.

Currently, we live in an exciting world where mobile trading platforms have democratized access to the financial markets like never before. We want to further help current and future investors by dismantling the knowledge barrier that Wall Street has traditionally guarded.

As an emerging investor, the current way to learn is either googling financial jargon continuously or wading through thousands of hours of content on youtube to find useful information. Furthermore, when you and your friends make a mistake, the market shows you how quickly you can lose your hard-earned money. No one is there to explain what you got wrong and how not to repeat those mistakes—least not Robinhood.

We believe there’s a better way! Every new investor should have access to the same knowledge that professional investors have today through a format that is bite-sized, approachable, and fun. On top of that, what if we can learn directly from experienced investors and not repeat their mistakes? Archimedes is the investment learning hub for everyone.

The kicker? You can play a game to learn. We created the game Paper Chase to let folks experience a life-time worth of investing RISK-FREE. Players also get a chance to win cash to buy stock in their favorite company. Sign up today to make investing a bigger part of your life.

Fun fact

We picked the name Archimedes after the greek mathematician. While we hope none of our users choose to run through the streets yelling “Eureka,” we hope to build a strong community around discovering value.

Questions? Happy to answer them in the comments. Otherwise, I’ll see you in-game!

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