Merchant Token ICO Going Fast

Merchant Token ICO Going Fast

There’s a new ICO that is really blowing up. You can look it up yourself on the website. The phase % is going up very fast every minute you refresh the website as alot of people want to purchase this coin. The ICO started it’s phases on 1 april and its already at ~7.5mil in sales

Price is going up U$ 0,01 for each new phase complete until got priced at U$ 1,20 price for listing on Uniswap at the 12th of july 2021.

It is made and backed by the company HIPS, which is a big website for big businesses which why it has a moonshot.

Here is a link with my affiliate code, if you like the project please use it to help me gain some affiliate bonus. This will not affect your price. Do your own research before investing.

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