Microsoft OneDrive 21.062.0328 Download | TechSpot

Microsoft OneDrive 21.062.0328 Download | TechSpot

Easily store and share photos, videos, documents, and more. When you upload photos or videos from your mobile device or computer to OneDrive, you can get to them when you’re on your PC, Mac, tablet, or phone. With OneDrive you can easily get to, manage, and share files anywhere you are.


  • Automatically upload photos and videos to OneDrive using Camera Backup.
  • Browse all your OneDrive files and files shared with you.
  • Share files by sending a link in email or getting a link to copy and paste.
  • Move, delete, and rename files, and create new folders.
  • Open your OneDrive files in other apps, including Office Mobile for iPhone.
  • Quickly get to documents you’ve recently opened.

What’s New:

  • Bug fixes to improve the reliability and performance of the client.
  • New features gradually rolling out to users:
    • Admins can set a policy to exclude newly added OneDrive files from syncing to the cloud by file name or extension on Windows devices. Learn more
    • Updated strings in the OneDrive Activity Center after a user deletes an item. The string changed from “Removed from OneDrive” to “Deleted from [Parent Folder].”
    • Business users (OneDrive for work or school accounts) will now get the option to “Display notifications when people share with me” in Settings.
    • Files protected from deletion by a SharePoint retention policy will be restored if locally deleted, with a message explaining the action and alternatives available to the user.

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