Once you have a vaccination card, what do you do with it?

Once you have a vaccination card, what do you do with it?

Mar. 17—As Ohio opens vaccinations to more people, more people are receiving a vaccination card from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, raising the question, “what should I do with this?”

Writing on the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center blog, pharmacy manager Jeff Pilz said people should bring the card along with a photo ID to their second vaccine appointment, and then keep the card in a safe place in case you need it later.

For extra protection, he said you can laminate the card if you have access to a machine and recommended taking a picture of the card on a smart phone for reference.

He added that there will also be a record of your vaccination with the health care organization that provided the vaccine in MyChart, and the state of Ohio maintains a central database of immunizations.

Pilz said that although carrying the card isn’t necessary day to day, if you travel internationally you will want to check if it is needed at any stops on your trip.

If you lose your card, Pilz said, new cards are readily available, but replacements would be blank, so you should contact the organization that provided your vaccine to fill it out.

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