Question about Pancake Bunny : defi

Question about Pancake Bunny : defi

Hey everyone,

I know this has been asked to death, but somehow my brain is still not understanding the BUNNY / BNB conversion being 5:1. Does this mean that for every BUNNY it displays, you will actually get ~2.6 (at current prices)? I did some quick math below on how you could maximize yield by using the CAKE : BUNNY pool in conjunction with the BUNNY : WBNB pool, but the biggest returns are driven by this conversion. Any help would be appreciated!

PS – I understand I am using APY’s which rely on the compounding, but the flow would not change.

Note the BUNNY Pool amount of $30,653.59 is just the $11,688 of BUNNY multiplied by the effective 2.63 conversion.

Question about Pancake Bunny : defi

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