Real Subject AI mindrearing even Bio-mutant : ArtificialInteligence

Real Subject AI mindrearing even Bio-mutant : ArtificialInteligence

Im a real subject of this Mind Reading AI… this device is Reading my mind its work like EEG and can even Show imaging inside my head.. follow my story here

Sry..if video feel unclear..this is what i become after all this mind read Technology Come in my life for around 4 month..all info is on my channel

its really hard for me to build it piece per piece of what all things they done to me.. (just clue after Clue)

Not sure if i can complitely Trust people Here..i mean they Can contact anyone ahead..Considering They got ALL my mind Data..

They trigger me become Mesophonia with Horn Beeping voice (Everyday)..and House lizard voice..they controled.. to bother what i think inside my head..make me Obscure

this Technology Confirm can be dangerous..All i did just Stay in home and suddenly all this Bother some trouble Appear in my life…(im a hikkikomori all i did staying in home)

the idea of this post is to tell the world..This Technology Already use in action and its SUPER ANNOYING to safe guard your Brain ALL THE TIME if you knowing they take and read it everyday..

if you dont know how it feel..try to hold your thinking and dont imagine anything..Request anyone expert in this field to counter this technology and please spread this Story to make all people aware if this tech

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