The future of universities and students : ico

The future of universities and students : ico

Student Coin builds a platform called STC Exchange that allows people to create and develop their own Defi, NFT, personal, and startup tokens. The project supports students at over 500 universities, allowing them to build tokens, decentralize their loans, and fund startups. The mission of the Student Coin is to educate people about cryptocurrencies and to put personal tokenization into the mainstream.

⚠️Currently, they raised over 10Mil $

⚠️Highlighted as a potential promising coin on CoinMarketCal

✅ERC20 and the blockchain of Ethereum with Waves protocol gas fee

✅Defi Token using Chainlink’s smart contracts

✅An advanced interactive learning platform

✅New wallet system will be presented next week, currently listed on 4 minor exchanges, in May/June listed on major exchanges

✅The First office opens in Warsaw, Poland

✅First project Smart Marketing Token (SMT) that will allow projects, crypto companies, and startups to perform different tasks

❗️ We are happy to announce the official Student Coin Software development Partners – Nextrope Fintech Software House, and Wayfinding, the software house specialized in mobile development. ‼

Nextrope is a blockchain-focused software house that will help the STC technical team in the development of the STC Exchange. Nextrope will take care of the most crucial points in the STC Ecosystem development, supporting Student Coin by the well-experienced team of fintech developers.

Wayfinding is a software house specialized in mobile app development, that will help to deliver well-scalable and secure apps for STC Wallet and STC Exchange for iOS and Andriod.

Our users will be able to test the first beta versions of STC Exchange and mobile STC Wallet soon!

Check out our Twitter news, here you can find anything you need to know about this project and visit our profile and get yourself a bonus code on the first deposit!

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