The Importance of Artificial Intelligence : ArtificialInteligence

The Importance of Artificial Intelligence : ArtificialInteligence

Along with machine learning and big data, artificial intelligence (AI) has transformed the field of technology in recent years. Despite this, the concept of artificial intelligence is quite vague, and its importance even more so. Some believe that AI may potentially take over the world, while others envision an advanced age powered by automotive cars and robots. Whether it be a dystopia or a futuristic world, the significance of AI is undeniable. What has AI done in recent years, and where is it headed?

Currently, AI is capable of reading, writing, hearing, debating, and even understanding emotions. Algorithms have been shown outperforming the world’s best Go and Chess players because of their fast processing speed and ability to store thousands of play variations. AI is already a surprisingly large part of our everyday lives, and here are some examples:

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