ThrottleStop 9.3 Download

ThrottleStop 9.3 Download

ThrottleStop features a variety of options which can be used to bypass CPU throttling and a Monitoring panel that shows you the current state of each thread on your CPU.

Some laptops are using clock modulation and multiplier reductions to lower the performance and power consumption of your computer. This is done deliberately to either allow your computer to run cooler or to allow your laptop to operate with a power adapter that is not sufficient to fully power your laptop and recharge its battery at the same time.

When using ThrottleStop, it is strongly recommended to monitor power consumption at the wall with a Kill-a-Watt meter or similar device and make sure that you don’t exceed the power capabilities of your power adapter. Use of ThrottleStop to bypass these throttling schemes is at your own risk and can result in permanent damage to your power adapter or computer or both which may not be covered by your warranty.

What’s New:

  • Added 10850K / 10900K support including a new Turbo Group access window.
  • Updated the TPL window and added an option to disable turbo power limit control.
  • Added the ability to clear the TPL Lock options if accidentally locked.
  • Updated the TS Bench and the C State window for the 10 core CPUs.
  • Enabled Limit Reasons support for 10th and 11th Gen CPUs.
  • Improved access to the Windows power plans.
  • Added access to the PROCHOT offset variable.
  • Added AVX offset control for unlocked K series CPUs.
  • Added reporting, logging and control of Thermal Velocity Boost and V-Max Stress.
  • Added clickable monitoring table headings, including minimum temperature and APIC ID.
  • Double click the monitoring table for an extended view if you have more than 8 threads.
  • Disabled Set Multiplier access when Speed Shift is enabled.
  • More obvious feedback in the FIVR window when CPU voltage control is locked.
  • Fixed log file data writing so log file data gets written to the correct day.
  • Changed and fixed the logo selector.

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