TimeCoinProtocol Presentation From CEO : ico

TimeCoinProtocol Presentation From CEO : ico

TimeCoinProtocol Presentation From CEO : ico

An AMA session with the TimeCoinProtocol CEO Masato Kakamu has recently taken place. We would like to share some of his answers here. For example, the one about how he presented our project!

TimeTicket Inc. is a group company of Globalway and it has been running a skill sharing economy platform since 2016. Then, we started our blockchain project called TimeCoinProtocol as we set up a subsidiary in Switzerland, TimeTicket GmbH in 2018. The TimeCoinProtocol is the decentralized sharing economy platform on Ethereum blockchain which 3rd party dApp developers can easily use to develop and operate sharing economy services. User data can be shared among dApps on the platform under user’s permissions. We plan to launch NFT marketplace and DeFi functionalities on the TimeCoinProtocol that an investor can earn more than 24% on income return from our DeFi system.

We have 3 applications, TimeTicket, GameTomodachi, and eSportStars. TimeTicket already has 500,000 users. The revenue has grown 30 times over 3 years. Our annual transactions are expected to exceed more than $5 Million USD this year and we are expected to grow very fast. TimeTicket currently covers the Japanese market and we plan to expand the business into the international market. We expect the TimeTicket business to be profitable this year and should continue to grow to 10,000,000 users in the future.

We released the Alpha version of eSportStars in October, 2020. We have already acquired 10,000 users. eSportStars covers Japanese, English, Chinese, Hindi and Portuguese, and we plan to expand and cover more than 30 languages. Also, we plan to cover more than 1,000 games.

We are undergoing test marketing to host many tournaments in an effort to acquire users of eSportStars in Japan. Also, we have started esports tournaments in India and South America. We are contracting with esports related YouTubers and VTubers and we have more than 100,000 registered users on our YouTube Channel.

GameTomodachi is a game player matchmaking service under development. We are planning to release GameTomodachi in September. Our original focus is in India, Indonesia, and Japan. Once we acquire enough users, we will expand globally in many languages.

Want to learn more about TimeCoinProtocol? Visit our website at https://www.timecoinprotocol.com

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