Use smart plugs DIY your smart home : smarthome

Use smart plugs DIY your smart home : smarthome

It’s fancy for having an intelligent home that controls everything by voice or gesture as what we saw in the fiction film. With the growth of the smart home market, this film scenario has come true. But you may have to change most of the conventional appliances in your home. The cost is still a barrier for some to make their entire homes connected. The good news is there is a small smart gadget you can use to easily “smarten” your home.

The small smart gadget we are talking about is smart plugs. A smart plug is a small adapter that can be plugged into a regular electrical wall outlet and can be connected to a Wi-Fi network. It is the foundation and the most efficient way to set up a smart home.

Use smart plugs DIY your smart home : smarthome

The first step you need to do is to plug the smart plugs into the electrical plugs on the wall. Then connect the smart plugs to your Wi-Fi via the app on your smartphone or tablet. After this, your smart home is standing by waiting for you to plug your appliance, such as lamp, TV, stereo, into your smart plugs. Until then, you have your smart home all done.

The idea behind a smart plug is to convert a regular device or appliance into an “intelligent” one. It’s not strictly intelligent, but at least reached the entry-level that you can control your appliance remotely through your smartphone. For some smart plugs supporting voice assistants like Google Assistant and Alexa, you can control them by speaking simple commands.

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With smart plugs, your devices and appliances will be smarter at an affordable cost. Turn the light off without getting out of bed, get your heater ready before you arrive home, or schedule your coffee machine even before you go to bed the night before. The possibilities are endless with smart plugs.

Before the purchase, you should make sure if the smart plug supports voice assistant and which voice assistant does it support. Most smart plugs support Alexa and Google Assistant. However, if you are a fan of the Apple ecosystem and want to control your appliances via Siri, you have to spend more time on selection. Smart plugs that work with Apple HomeKit are very few in the market.

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