Visa Direct : fintech

Visa Direct : fintech

Hi all,

I am currently looking into VISA direct for my company, a remittance business. I do understand the commercial value chain however have issues wrapping my mind around the technical aspects of the VISA direct network.

Looking at this from a flow point of view I am wondering if a payment service provider is necessary somewhen down the line to connect to the VISA direct network.

Visa Direct : fintech

I found another infomercial by Visa is looks more like there is a definitive need for a PSP. Please have a look at the below flow:

r/fintech - Visa Direct

If anyone on this subreddit knows or has experience with Visa Direct please let me know if you integrated via a PSP ad what your experience was.

Other than that, I would appreciate anyone who could share their experiences.

thank you

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