What’s after lending, DEXes & liquidity providing? : defi

What’s after lending, DEXes & liquidity providing? : defi

Right now, I think the popular applications of DeFi fall flatter than the promises that the concept makes. There’s more to finance than exchanging currencies and making money from doing so. (in other words, liquidity providing, DEXes & co.)

Part of that is that those projects usually have a more mature business model and can actually sustain without going back to the ICO model, but I’d like to get a better pulse on new exciting use cases of DeFi.

Some of my picks (I hold and don’t hold tokens in some of these, it’s not supposed to be a list of ‘invest in this’ but more “take a look at this because it’s interesting”)

Furucombo is automation for DeFi. No-code is taking the world and Zapier is the boss of that. I could see Furucombo going the same way eventually?

Flexa. There are plenty of real-life high-value transactions that shouldn’t rely on cheques or credit cards. Flexa doesn’t target this yet, but it will be a game-changer for that.

Synthetix. Obviously. Now everyone can run their own Robinhood from anywhere, without getting throttled or scammed.

Nexus Mutual. Every bank has great insurance, so you should probably too.

Again, just wanted to share some projects that look fun and “out of the norm” and not stuff that I think is entirely promising or people should buy.

Instead, I’d love to hear more of your new and unique use cases of DeFi that are live, working, but maybe fall flat under the hype of making 100% APY?

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