YOLOToken ICO : ico

YOLOToken ICO : ico

💎YOLOToken – Just another stupid crypto

What is 💎YOLOToken?

The crypto industry is getting bigger and there are a growing number of good but complex projects. Investors are also on the rise, but do you really think your uncle understands that 50-page white paper? YOLOToken is the bridge between new investors and the crypto world. New investors are introduced to this exciting industry in a fun way.

  • We will create the most simple wallet app so everyone can use it.

  • We will start YOLOLeague, a crypto community where you can discuss crypto and get free crypto courses.

  • We will promote our crypto through mainstream channels with funny promotions. Our first promotion will be a physical coin giveaway.

Where can I buy YOLOTokens?

💰Invite your friends to invest in YOLOToken and receive a 10% referral bonus. 

💎Website: https://www.YOLOToken.com

💬 Telegram: https://t.me/YOLOToken

📄 Etherscan: https://etherscan.io/token/0xdb3b807715dbc6e58c14d24bf18d60874e029f1c

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4 thoughts on “YOLOToken ICO : ico

  1. Careful ! This is SCAM. There is no real person and already reported to authorities.
    They take the money and that is it!

  2. YOLOToken is a scam. There is no real person, no real team. They only promise, not insurance that they release the tokens. Classic scam !

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